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The main products:Coefficient of thermal conductivity meter,Dilatometer,Silicate analyzer,Ceramic equipment,Refractory glass、Green sand casting、Graphite carbon testing instrument,The experimental furnace,Grinding machine, etc。

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Production for many years、Equipment sales、After-sales service、Technical services for the integration of production enterprises;Science and technology enterprises put in storage,Have a number of utility model patent,Word of mouth is better in the industry。
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The company actively introduces the relatively new science and technology and technology at home and abroad,The development and process design to provide you with professional standard products and non-standard product design、Custom。
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One-to-one consultation provide professional products and application solutions;Professional guidance installation in operator training;24Hours after-sales service hotline;Lifelong technical support;48Hours door-to-door after-sales service,Long-term to provide telephone and online instruction。
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Have a number of utility model patent,The application effect is remarkable。Contact details of xiangtan city instrument co., LTD
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Xiangtan city instrument co., LTD is a famous ceramic、Inorganic material physical and chemical analysis instrument professional factory,Strong technology、Knowledge of modern comprehensive strength in the same industry leading。Brand:Hunan branch,Products are widely applied to ceramics,Building materials,Refractory materials,Chemical materials,Nonmetallic material,Casting and other industries and universities,Scientific research institutes,Product quality inspection bureau。 Products are exported to at home and abroad,Has won praise users。

The main products: Coefficient of thermal conductivity tester,Dilatometer,Modulus of elasticity,Ceramic detector,Grinding equipment,The experimental furnace,The bending strength tester,The compressive strength tester,Multielement fast analyzer,Experimental apparatus of engineering ceramics,Porous ceramics show porosity test instrument,Air permeability tester,Plasticity,The high temperature microscope,Intelligent gloss meter,Whiteness meter,Vacuum pug mill,Vibrating screen,Image type sintering point tester,High temperature strength tester,Refractoriness under load tester,Ceramic tile frost resistance tester,Daily-use ceramics thermal shock resistance tester,Autoclaved kettle,Impact test apparatus,Brick of pottery and porcelain flatness straight edge Angle straight degree tester,Ceramic water absorption apparatus,Bending apparatus,Brick of pottery and porcelain rupture modulus tester,Blank bending apparatus,Brick of pottery and porcelain friction coefficient tester,Sample preparation equipment,Electric hydraulic system prototype,Manual hydraulic system prototype,The rolling mill,The ball mill,Rapid grinding machine,Planet fast ball mill,Slicing machine,Rapid heating furnace,Box type resistance furnace,Gradient furnace,Tubular electric furnace,Tubular furnace atmosphere,Frit furnace,Crucible furnace,Track furnace,Pit type furnace, etc。

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